Leading Digital Agriculture platform in Latin America presents in the Forbes AgTech Summit

Forbes will host the third annual Forbes AgTech Summit in Salinas, CA. The Forbes Summit represents the foremost opportunity to hear from the smartest minds in both the Silicon Valley and global agriculture tackling critical challenges facing the industry. From biotech to precision farming, to big data’s role in feeding a planet of nine billion people. The summit will also showcase the latest innovations and startups for growers, investors, and stakeholders of the global agricultural ecosystem. The summit is an invitation-only event for selected global agtech entrepreneurs, experts and leaders.

Agrosmart leading Digital Agriculture in Latin America

Agrosmart is the only company from latin america selected by Thrive Agtech to present in the Thrive AgTech Demo Day, event which will be held during the Forbes AgTech Summit. Besides that, the CEO of the company, Mariana Vasconcelos, was invited to join the panel “Growing Diversity in AgTech”, discussing AgTech innovations around the world from the perspective of female founders.

The summit will count with industry leaders speakers such as Janet Napolitano, President of University of California; Steve Forbes, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Media;  Bruce Taylor, Chairman & CEO of Taylor Farms; Neal Gutterson, Ph.D., Vice President, Research & Development of DuPont Pioneer; and Robert T. Fraley, Ph.D., Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Monsanto,  among many others.

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About Agrosmart

Agrosmart brings digital agriculture to tropical countries with low internet infrastructure to help farmers make better decisions and be more climate resilient by monitoring crops with sensors and satellite imaging, enabling better understand real time crop needs regarding irrigation, diseases and pests so they can save up to 60% of water, 40% of energy bills and increase yield in up to 20%.

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