Gaining efficiency with climate intelligence in soy production

Producer Douglas saw his family's future in agriculture, and technology as the future of his farming. Therefore, we are proud to follow his journey and collaborate so that he can make his production more efficient and profitable.

Helping to make coffee farming more efficient and profitable

We work with several producers who, like Rafael Zanetti, have for years seen in our solutions a new opportunity to produce with more efficiency, climate resilience and profitability. Watch the video and find out how we helped Rafael unite technology with his family's tradition.

Overcoming climate challenges in food production

The climate has always been a challenge for farmers, so knowing that we are helping food production thrive even in the midst of difficulties shows that we are on the right path. Watch the video and see how we helped Claudio avoid the loss of almost 25,000 newly planted orange trees.

Harvesting flavor and quality using less water

Producing to a high standard to ensure that the consumer has a product of unparalleled flavor and quality is not easy. Watch the video and understand how we are helping Coco Graças, one of the largest coconut producers in Brazil, to produce with quality while also saving water through more precise irrigation.

Producing with high quality and generating positive impact

José's dream was to produce blueberries in Brazil, proving that, with persistence, knowledge and technology, it is possible to harvest high quality fruits with export standards. Watch the video and understand how we help you do this and still impact the lives of hundreds of families

Bringing transparency to the bioeconomy in the Amazon

We believe it is possible to create paths and solutions that support local sustainable development, encouraging economic growth through the bioeconomy. Watch the video and understand how we help Frooty bring transparency to the açaí chain in the Amazon, by monitoring and reporting environmental and social parameters.

Using technology to promote fair trade to small extractivists

Together with Idesam, we built a solution that has accelerated the digitization of extractive chains in the Amazon region, facilitating access for small producers to fairer trade conditions.
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