For all agribusiness: end-to-end solutions


The largest collaboration network between producers in the agro app number 1: all climate, agronomic and productive information on your farm in one place.


Climate monitoring and irrigation management: intelligence from the beginning to the end of the season to improve your business results.

ESG Platform

Monitor and report the main environmental, social, operational and governance indicators for a more productive, resilient and sustainable agri-food chain.

Helping business and nature to thrive:

Leveraging sustainable practices

Climate and agronomic data and intelligence to provide actionable insights and make crops more productive, efficient and profitable, collaborating for climate mitigation, resilience, and adaptation

Food production as a climate ally

Models, analytics, and data intelligence for better-adapted crops and supply chains with the ability to drive positive impact

Technology to scale transparency

From monitoring to verifying social, environmental and governance indicators to make supply chains more transparent, secure and climate resilient

Credit risk
Risk score
Climate index

More security in risk management

Analysis of multiple variables to identify potential risks and manage them in the short, medium and long term

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Your goal is our goal!

Let’s transform the future of your business and the planet together.