For agfood industries, trading companies, farming and financial institutions

Predict risks and opportunities in supply chain through a farmers network and ground truth data

Agrosmart Nexus centralizes supply chain data and enables more strategic decisions with market analysis, climate, agronomic and predictive models for supply and sustainability teams.

+9 years of turning climate data into operational efficiency

We already supports Managers and Heads of Supply, Sustainability, IT and Marketing of leading companies in the market

With intelligence from a vast database and currently monitors:

+ 85
+ 90 k
engaged farmers
+ 40 M
+ 5 B
post-process data
Market intelligence

Stop wasting time and money on generic, unstructured market research that doesn’t provide strategic information about your audience.

Agronomic models

Predict and prevent crop losses due to diseases, adverse climate events, low irrigation yields and soil incompatibility.

Climate analysis and models

Don’t be taken by surprise by the direct and indirect impacts of the climate on field operations.

Risk score

Eliminate insecurity due to lack of data of potential risks related to farmers’ exposure to climate and socio-environmental factors.

Supply chain intelligence

Leave the nonstandard spreadsheets and avoid the lack of monitoring of your suppliers due to the decentralized and non-real time information.

Supply chain ESG KPIs

Never again distrust inaccurate data when reporting on the main challenges and progress of the company’s sustainability plan.

Agrosmart Nexus combines data from in field sensors and the reported by farmers to turn insights into competitive advantage

Tabular data / API
Static dashboard
Dinamic dashboard (BI)
Access processed, structured and enriched data
Accelerate performance with data-driven decisions

Teams using Agrosmart Nexus make faster and safer decisions

By having a set of real-time data, we can optimize water use and include digital technologies in the daily lives of our partner farmers.
We can see where each producer is and what's happening in each area. This ensures that we have traceability of the whole process, as well as monitoring the climate, so that we have a parameter for the sustainability of the places where we operate.
Everton Rodrigues
Sustainability Manager Frooty

Some of the challenges we have helped solve with Agrosmart Nexus

Future contract

Do Argentine farmers plan to anticipate soybean sales?


What price is paid to farmers per bag of soybeans ($/bag) in each State?

Market Share

Who are the main regional and national buyers of cattle?

Crop forecast

Is it possible to estimate climate impact on açaí yield?


What is the carbon footprint of the coffee farmers in my supply chain?

Risks management

How can we understand climate risk across my portfolio or supply chain?

agrosmart nexus

Fast insights
& on-going intelligence

Discover how reliable data in the field can make your operations more transparent and predictable.

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