Recommendations and Insights

We deliver agronomic intelligence to different stakeholders across the agricultural value chain, through information and recommendations that optimize results, contributing to a more productive, sustainable and climate-resilient agriculture.

KPIs and Benchmarks

We generate KPIs and benchmarks, improving supply chain efficiency.

Data Science

We apply data science through agronomic and climatic models using a unique proprietary approach that is based on genetic material, soil type and microclimate.


All data in one place

All the collected data are integrated in a single platform, simplifying access of information and management of the farm or production chain.

Crossing of different variables

We combine data from different sources such as in field sensors, satellite imagery, meteorological, seed genetics and field notes, guaranteeing a broad approach in the calculation of models and generated information


Agrosmart is the first company to break the connectivity barrier in rural areas. The system waives the need for internet or cellular coverage in the field to send the data to the internet. We use different communication protocols.



Soil, climate and atmosphere monitoring

We monitor locally dozens of environmental variables of soil, plant and atmosphere, in each plot of farms.

Automatic data collection

Sensors installed in the fields capture data, eliminating human labor and errors in this process.
Sensors integration

Compatible with different sensors

We integrate sensors from different manufacturers into our platform, always striving for data quality


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