On-farm weather station

Degrees Day


Season Reports

Air Temperature and Humidity

Wind Speed ​​and Direction

Solar radiation

Specialists Support


The benefits of a weather station installed directly on your farm are :

Reduce Spraying Costs Choose the best time to spray your crop and avoid losses due to unfavorable weather conditions. Increase application efficiency and save inputs.
Reduce Soil Compaction Set the right day and time for the entry of machinery into the field according the weather and field conditions, avoiding soil compaction and rework.
Know when to plant or harvest Use the weather information to plan the planting and harvesting dates.
Have all your data in one place Connect your crop to your office and improve your farm operations
End of season meteorological reports Receive periodic reports with the monitored conditions.
Customer Support and Agronomic follow-up Implementation; Training; Weekly phone follow-up; visits to the farm for maintenance.

The annual subscription includes:

On-farm weather station: water balance, crop evapotranspiration, accumulated rain, air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction and solar radiation

Periodic reports that allow to understand how the weather impacted the crop results.

Implementation; Training; Weekly phone follow-up; Regular visits to the farm for maintenance; Monthly reports and at the end of the harvest.


We understand that the combination of technology and excellent customer service is key to help our customers explore the most of our solutions. Therefore, we have a dedicated customer success team ready to assist our clients in all moments of the season.

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