Identify areas that need attention in your plantation and understand how productivity evolve throughout time. Get an overview of the health of the crop quickly and without displacement.

Identify crop health problems in advance

NDVI, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, shows the performance of the crop in a field at a single point in time. A divergent scale (red-yellow-green) provides a contrast of colors, which makes it easier for you to find and investigate areas that are showing weak growth. Have an overview of the crop and identify problems in advance, prioritizing applications and measures to avoid loss of productivity.

Compare image sequences and know if any area is degrading

Anticipating problems is the key to efficiency in agriculture. Having eyes in the space facing the farm, which warn if any field needs care, can be the difference between profit and loss. With the ÓRBITA plan, the producer earns an extra line of defense, which will alert him if anything goes wrong on his farm, without the need to mobilize any employee or resource. No additional workload will be created on the day to day of the manager.

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